Welcome to Quantum-Computing
Quantum-Computing made in Schleswig-Holstein
Author: Tjark Ziehm ( falls nicht anders angegeben )
Welcome and thank you for signing up for the course to get a first insight into the field of quantum computing. My name is Tjark Ziehm from OHIOH e.V. and the working group of the same name at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. As a student like you, I love to get knowledge from different fields. My fields are related to computer science. DataScience, robotics, Bluetooth and quantum computing. I took IBM's internal course for quantum computing and acquired quantum mechanics in addition to my "normal" student life. From the beginning, I was fascinated by the possibilities of the extremely new technology of quantum. In the beginning it was extremely hard for me to understand all this math, physics and everything related to it. About myself I would say that I am not a very good student when it comes to memorizing vocabulary and the like. So I have been thinking a lot about how to explain quantum mechanics for myself, to feel it,see it in my mind's eye and understand this fantastic world of quanta. Most of the quantum world was like magic for me and after some time I realized ... if the content is well explained .... there is no magic in it. It is rather a great tool for the future of data science and humanity. That was the reason to make this course for you guys. Let's demystify quantum! We will learn the basics to get to productivity quickly with our own group project and successfully complete the introduction to quantum computing with a presentation. But now straight to Quantum...
Durch die Aufnahme in den Studiengang erhalten Sie:
  • Zugang zu Quanten-Hardware von IBM Die Fähigkeit
  • Einblick in 2 Quanten-SDKs ( qiskit & pennylane ) zu programmieren
  • das nötige Wissen für Quantenmechanik
  • minimal benötigte mathematische Sicht auf die Quanten
  • Grundkenntnisse in Python (Programmiersprache)
  • die Fähigkeit, euer eigenen Quanten-Code zu programmieren, der eure Basis wird, tiefer in die Quantenwelt einzutauchen und selbst Quanten-Berechnungen an einem "Quanten-Rechner" oder Simulationsumgebung zu ertesten
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